Hi Boris — appreciate the response.

You state: The assumption needs to be that the service which is transacted (bandwidth in GB in this case) is competing with a similar service in another ecosystem (e.g. a centralized service priced in USD) and there are a market size and a market price.

So, you are incorporating the $ price of a competing service in order to calculate the INET/$ exchange rate, in order to still acquire a final, discounted $ value for the INET token…still a circularity.

MV=PQ fails for valuing any tradeable cryptocurrency (or comparing any national economy for that matter as we state in the piece), since once we have to make a conversion from fiat into crypto at any point in our calculation, the equation becomes a circularity — no matter what comparable fiat metric we use.

Economist, Ocean Lifeguard, Founder of Austere Capital Advisory (https://austere.capital/)

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